The aim at Twist-O-Flex Dance Company (TOFDC) is to ensure that all dancers experience dance in a fun, friendly, positive and safe environment. In order to achieve this, please take note of the following guidelines.

Rules and Regulations

Customer Incidents –
Aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour is not tolerated from customers or dancers in any of the premises or at any time, whether toward TOFDC staff, visitors or other Dance School customers or dancers. Please conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner and respect the TOFDC’s staff, all visitors and policies at all times. All customer incidents will be reported and investigated accordingly. Any customer incident reported to directors may result in their child being suspended, with the possibility of being fully withdrawn from the Dance School. Serious incidents may result in immediate withdrawal from the Dance School.

Punctuality –
It is good practice that dancers arrive in good time. Those arriving late for class they may miss important information and impede the learning of others. Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before entering a lesson. If your child is going to be late for a lesson – please inform your coaches via text or Facebook as soon as possible.


Attendance –
Regular attendance is important for the progression of the dancer. If dancers do not attend on a regular basis, then the development of the class and the individual student will be affected. Dancers’ attendance will be monitored as they prepare for their examinations, shows and competitions, for the benefit of the individual and their peers.

Dancers on competition teams will be expected to attend as many sessions as physically possible due to the competitive level of training that will be taking place. Low attendance may result in a dancer having to withdraw from the team.


Dancer Expectations –
Dancers are expected to behave in a kind, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their coaches, staff, volunteers and other dancers when attending TOFDC. Coaches will work closely with parents, should a dancer be failing to show these attributes towards others. Failure to consistently comply with the rules and regulations (at a high level) may result in withdrawal. Bullying is not tolerated at TOFDC (please see Anti-Bullying Policy). We want to create a welcoming inclusive environment for all our dancers and expect them all to contribute to this positive atmosphere we strive to create. 


Parent and Carer Expectations –

  • Parents should wait in the designated waiting areas during class times.
  • Parents should discourage challenging and inappropriate conduct towards teachers and other dancers by their chil
  • Be realistic with regard to their ability and do not set expectations too high 
  • Discourage comparison against other dancers – Each dancer is an individual with different goals and objectives and they must be praised on their own personal achievement.
  • For parents to support students to comply with teacher and class time expectations as set out by the teacher To not post messages on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, You Tube or other associated social media of a derogative nature in regards to any dancer at TOFDC.

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated from parents/carers or other family members and could result in parent/carers or family members been banned from premises/events/performances or the dance school itself. Unacceptable behaviour includes – bullying, swearing, spitting, fighting and derogatory comments towards others.

Whilst at examinations/performances/events/competitions you are all ambassadors and representatives of TOFDC and we expect all parents/ carers and dancers to behave in a manner that is respectful and appropriate. You are encouraged to fully support your school and the dancers within it.


Dress code –
Although TOFDC uniform is available to buy, it is not compulsory to be worn during lessons. We do ask, however, that all dancers wear suitable clothing for dance. This includes comfortable clothing, suitable for temperatures at that time of year. Trainers or daps should be worn (no sandals or high heels). Long hair should be tied back.


Drop off/collection –

Parents and guardians are asked to drop off dancers directly before the start of their class and to supervise them until the class time (unless prearranged with one of your coaches). Children Year 6 and younger should not travel home without an adult present. Written consent for your child to travel home by themselves should be given to your coaches should your child be younger than this. 

Dancers should wait for their classes quietly and sensibly - as we often shares venues with other clubs a high level respect is necessary. No running, handstands, cartwheels are permitted indoors and dancers should wait outside the main hall only. They must not enter other parts of the building unless supervised by a TOFDC teacher. Dancers should not arrive to lesson anymore than 5 minutes before their class time.

Personal Property –
Dancers should make sure that they keep their valuable personal items with them at all times. We cannot be held responsible if items go missing. Any removable clothing (such as jumper, jackets and hats) should be well labelled with the child's name. This most certainly applies to water bottle as well. If personal items are well labelled, there is less chance of items becoming lost of confused with someone else's. 


Safeguarding –

TOFDC have a ‘duty’ of care’ to provide a safe environment for and to promote the health and well-being of children under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults. TOFDC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is embedded in our contact with them through the training and activities we provide. TOFDC believes that the welfare of the child is paramount, and that all children and vulnerable regardless of age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation or identity, or religious belief have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse. (Please see Safeguarding Policy & Equality and Diversity Policy). All TOFDC staff, Dance School customers and dancers are expected to comply with TOFDC’s safeguarding policy. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal. Please report any concerns or incidents to the Dance School Director, Emma Thorne.


Data Protection Policy –

TOFDC directors and staff members are not at liberty to disclose any information relating to other dancers or their families. Dancer information is confidential and retained in accordance with the TOFDC Data Protection Policy.


Visual and Social Media –
TOFDC will not publish or post any images (static or moving) of children under the age of 18, across any of our online channels without prior written consent (and then with minimal personal information). We ask that all parents, guardians and dancers ensure that they use social media and the internet in a safe and positive way while on TOFDC premises’. This includes the way in which the TOFDC is represented when posting, commenting and blogging on any website. Please report any concerns regarding this subject to one of your directors.

Health and Safety –

  • Dancers should wear shoes at all times when walking around the halls and make sure laces are tied properly.
  • It is essential that dancers are in the right place at the right time – if late for class they may miss vital information, impede the learning of others, and place themselves at risk of injury should they miss the warm-up section of the class. Equally, dancers should not arrive too early for class, particularly if unsupervised by an adult. No more than 5 minutes before the lesson starts.
  • It is important that dancers always keep themselves warm between classes in order to protect against injury.
  • Dancers should drink plenty of water, and ensure they keep their energy levels up by eating a healthy snack in between classes.
  • Any student who hurts themselves in class or feels unwell should tell their coach or member of staff immediately.
  • TOFDC is a work place, and respect must be given to all staff.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises, including outside the front doors of the hall.
  • No games are permitted in the car parks as vehicles are constantly coming and going.
  • Parents and guardians are asked to drive carefully when dropping off and collecting their children from classes.

Written: May 2020

Date of last review: March 2023

Policy written and reviewed by: Emma Thorne

Approved by: Laura Hazell

Date: 21/03/2023

Date of Next Review: March 2024